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About us

The Moremo Professional was developed for the fast and the fabulous.

In today’s fast-paced world, hair salon professionals and their customers are looking for quick, hassle-free, effective, and high-quality products. Gone are the days where a salons customer could spend hours to get a new hair treatment, and this precisely is what the Moremo Professional treatment is all about.

A short, fast, yet effective four-step treatment suitable for all hair types. Developed using a unique blend of natural ingredients, the luxurious Moremo Professional gives you immediate results in just few minutes. Our line of sulphate, paraben, alcohol, and silicon-free products transforms damaged, dry, frizzy, and overprocessed hair to healthy, shiny, smooth, supple, and fabulous locks. No hair is too damaged. No hair is too unruly, and we are ready to bet on it.

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