FAQs - Moremo Professional


What is moremo PROFESSIONAL’s country of origin?

A Korean product created using the best natural ingredients from all around the world.

What distinguishes moremo PROFESSIONAL from similar products?

A luxurious yet affordable range of products, developed by leading Korean hair care experts to nourish and treat damaged hair in ten minutes only. This short and easy to do four-step treatment is suitable for all hair types.The moremo PROFESSIONAL product line’s signature desert rose fragrance is another key reason for its success with salon owners, hair experts, and their clients

What is the moremo PROFESSIONAL treatment?

A four-step treatment that starts off with a shampoo cleanse, followed by our miracle repair water treatment. After that the deep conditioning hair mask is added for a few minutes then rinsed. The last step is adding a small dollop of the repair essence or serum and style as usual.

Is it paraben and sulfate - free?

Yes, all Moremo PROFESSIONAL products are paraben and sulfate free.

Can it be used on dyed, permed, or treated hair?


Is suitable for my curly-haired clients?

Yes. moremo PROFESSIONAL products have been developed to suit all hair types.

What is the difference between the Repair Shampoo and the Scalp Shampoo?

The Repair Shampoo has been created to treat damaged, dry, and treated hair, while the Scalp shampoo is best used if hair is oily or has dandruff.

What is the difference between the Repair Water Treatment for Fine Hair and the Repair Water Treatment for Coarse Hair?

The Repair Water Treatment for Fine Hair is ideal for people with straight, thin, and fine hair, while the Repair Water Treatment for Coarse Hair has been developed specifically for people with thick, curly, frizzy, or wavy hair.

What type of hair is most likely to benefit the most from using the moremo PROFESSIONAL range of products?

Highly damaged and color treated hair will be the most to benefit from this treatment.

Is it safe to blow dry and style hair right after finishing the moremo PROFESSIONAL treatment?

Yes, it is.

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