Moremo Professional Starter Kit - Moremo Professional

Moremo Professional Starter Kit


Moremo Professional bundle product consists of natural and highly concentrated ingredients, providing a modern and efficient system for treating dry, damaged hair and scalp with a long-lasting natural fragrance.Moremo Professional line guarantees high hydration and instant repair of all damaged hair types, meeting the requirements of professional hairstylists and beauty center clients from the first application. Moremo Professional Bundle includes:

Moremo Professional Bundle includes:

Diagnostic & Treatment:

1X Repair Shampoo | 1000ml

1X Scalp Shampoo | 1000ml

1X Repair water Treatment 1 | 480ml

1X Repair water Treatment 2 | 480ml

1X Repair Mask | 350ml

1X Repair Hair Essence | 200ml


1X Brush

1X Rubber Spatula

1X Comb

1X Bowl

1X Apron

Product Size: 3510ml
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